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To see how you make your Recard, check out this latest review. Few things though, the typo has now been amended, you can play the 7" vinyl on a normal player and when you put the Recard on a mug, you still need to turn the record with your finger! Thanks Techmoan...


The Record Player Gift Card




Birthday Card


Only £4.49 + £1 p&p


The Newly Designed and Improved Recard is here! We've been listening to your feedback here at Recards and after the success of the new designed Christmas Recard we now make the Birthday Card in exactly the same way. With the stronger base, louder needle and clearer sounding vinyl. It's easier to construct too.


Still the same deal with the postage, no matter how many Recards you buy only pay £1.00 for P&P to The UK. 


For delivery to Europe or America, please select from the dropdown box.


Thanks for all of your support in 2015 and 2016 will be even better for Recards.

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