How to construct your Recard......

1. Once you have received your Recard, open her up...
2. Inside you will find the 7" Vinyl with the Birthday message on...
3. Locate and remove the 2 support bars tearing off carefully and fold down the 2 remaining sides (Do not remove)
4. Pair up 'A' written on the support bar and 'A' written on the folded side of the Recard and slot together. Repeat for 'B' ''C' and 'D' to form the square base of the Recard player.
5. Turn over and stand upright, it should look like this. Remove the corner part of the Recard front cover (where indicated) and roll into a cylinder. Insert this into the hole in the middleof the Recard player and push as far down as possible.
6. Add a 10p coin on the underside of the cradle arm, indicated just above the needle. You can use Blu-Tac, Glue or Sellotape.
7. Put the 7" vinyl onto the spindle and carefully place the needle onto the outside of the record. Congratulations, you have now complated your Recard! Now turn the vinyl and hear the Birthday message... Have Fun!


The Record Player Gift Card


Birthday Recards


Only £4.99 and FREE UK



The Newly Designed and Improved Recard is here! We've been listening to your feedback here at Recards and after the success of the new designed Christmas Recard we now make the Birthday Card in exactly the same way. With the stronger base, louder needle and clearer sounding vinyl. It's easier to construct too.


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Thanks for all of your support in 2019 and 2020 will be even better for Recards.


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